Brand history

Brand introduction

The first quartz watches

In 1982, the overseas Chinese town in Shenzhen, China's first quartz wristwatch was born in tempo, from China's watch industry in the 1980 of the 20th century, the entry "tempo." As witnessing history precious products in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Museum tempo table as first watch brands and the permanent collection.


Dare to lead

Tempo brand creation date, after 33 years, as local brands, tempo table in every stage of the development process, has been adhering to "take the lead" brand of philosophy.
In 1982, starting from created China's first quartz watch , tempo table watches industry, China has been playing "Vanguard" role.
? China's clock and watch industry's first use of "advertising and marketing". In 1984, the tempo tables in the industry prior to the introduction of brand advertising "the irresistible temptation" as the era of the classic memory.
? The first sales system of China's watch industry. In 1984, the tempo table to create a clock distribution system, and set up sales outlets all over the country, all the major brands have long used the system.
? Produced China's clock and watch industry's trade show marketing. In 1988, the advocate and successfully held the first "Shenzhen timepieces trade fair", the largest watch exhibition--Shenzhen, China Watch fair. That same year, Hoi Pa brand in Zhuhai was born, once launched, enthusiastic response of the market.
? The watch industry, China's first direct sales model. In 1991, the tempo form direct sales headquarters in Shenzhen, consists of the Northeast, North, Northwest, Southwest, East, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other eight markets Division. This direct sales model, is still an important sales model of China's watch industry.
? To create China's first brand watch. In 2013, the tempo table to launch the first smart watch T-Watch. Smart, stylish, casual T-Watch to start the mode of e-commerce sales, marking the day fighter entered the era of smart.


A world-class watch brand in China

? The return of the King, the thick product sends thinly. 2009, days PA table to "King return" of momentum, debut "China (Shenzhen) International watches exhibition", new upgrade of brand and products, development "King, and wise, and name official, and hero, and Yong who, and socialite, and Hui ya" seven big series table paragraph, is committed to build "international first-class China watches brand", constantly upgrade products quality and brand value, aimed at stands China line brand ranks.
Listed in Hong Kong, into an international brand. 2011 dated January 26, tempo table successfully listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, marking the tempo table with an international vision, world-class brands of steps have been taken.
? Brand strategy to upgrade 30 anniversary ceremony to sign the celebrity endorsers. In 2012, the tempo table 30 anniversary of tempo table to sign the famous movie star Mr Yong Hou as brand spokesman, further enhance the brand's image and value.
This time around, color. Tempo table inheritance "take the lead" brand concept, "a world-class watch brand in China" as a goal, so tempo table of the national brand stand forest of world clocks.

Company profile

Tempo table headquarters
Headquartered in Shenzhen, Shenzhen hapro clocks, consists of research and development, purchasing, production, storage, marketing, e-commerce, foreign trade, as well as administrative and
Brand operation sectors, such as Hong Kong-listed group featuring brand management authority CEO and management team.

Modern watch-base
Tempo table attentive to detail and the pursuit of excellence is reflected in the design, manufacture of the entire production process.
Tempo table has a world-class cleanroom Assembly workshop, opened mainly to steel, titanium Dragon modern clocks and watches manufacturing base, implementation of ISO9001 quality standards; a new laboratory and a full set of Switzerland testing equipment and testing standards, raw materials, machinery and equipment, production and Assembly of each link strictly ensure the quality of each of the watches produced.

Tempo table nearly 800 sales outlets all over the country
Tempo table in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chengdu, Nanjing, the country nearly one or two lines in the city, well-known shopping malls established and operated in cooperation with medium and large sales outlets, outlets throughout the country's 27 provinces, and in 230 cities, nearly 800 stores, wide range of radiation. Tempo all service staff have received strict training, can provide professional advice and services to clients.

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